About Us


"Ken's Furniture & Mattress" was cofounded by John Straub and Ken Palcowski. John and Ken first met as local competitors in neighboring Grand Rapids suburban towns. A relationship that began as a rivalry between two energetic small business owners of competing mattress stores, developed into an invaluable partnership. John and Ken decided to join forces and “Discount Mattress Center” in Jenison, and “The Mattress Sale & More” in Grandville opened their doors as “Discount Mattress Sale & More” on July 1st, 2012.

Pairing a twenty-nine year old single guy with a sixty-three year old grandfather of 19, may have seemed crazy at the time, but based on the explosive growth the company has experienced in just three short years, it has          proven to be a great success!

“Discount Mattress Sale & More” quickly outgrew the small “mattress only” stores and progressed into two large furniture and mattress stores, one opened in Grand Rapids and another in Muskegon. With over 35,000 square feet of showroom and the addition of thousands of furniture products and dozens of manufacturers, John and Ken started searching for a new name that represented the new products they had to offer the community. As different names and logos were being explored, Ken and Heather welcomed their first born, Kenneth Palcowski III, affectionately known as Tripp. With a shared commitment to family and vision of building a business to last for generations, Ken and John established a new name - "Ken's Furniture & Mattress"

In June 2016, John decided it was time to leave the company in Ken’s hands and join his wife Lin in retirement.  He still enjoys visiting the showroom, but more importantly spending time with the family he worked so hard to support over the years.  Ken along with his wife Heather are focused on continued company growth while keeping family values as the foundation of their business.  Guests are often greeted by the smile of their son Tripp as Ken and Heather are raising their children to continue the family business for years to come.